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 is your Wellness online store. A well-established Canadian company since 12 years. We have the pleasure to serve our thousands of clients across Canada provinces and the United States every day. We ship to your door wherever you are, in each province and territory of Canada, and each state in the USA.

Our philosophy is to care about others. We aim to build a modern company, based on our founding traditions: compassion, dignity and ethics.


Our daily top priority is always to help improve the well-being and quality of life for you and your family. We are committed to our clients. Our daily mission is to consistently innovate to provide the best customer service, the best shopping experience to each and every customer. We are not perfect, but We always do our best to learn from every experience and improve every day!


Our Vision: always exceed our clients expectations with quality products carefully chosen according to the following 4 principles; quality, reliability, usefulness and price competitiveness. That is why we have implemented a product Selection Committee who works tirelessly to offer new products constantly that satisfy your ever-changing needs.


At we are committed to our people and to our customers. This commitment would be incomplete if we do not take steps toward sustainability. This means having a quality workplace, quality employees and world-class suppliers. And that means "Going Green".


«Going Green», First, it means that we are committed to increasingly offer the best selection of natural, organic, green, ecological and eco-friendly products, to help you becoming gradually «greener». Taking steps toward sustainability also means that we examine constantly our business processes to make them more green and eco-friendly. Some examples of what we do, among others, to be more environmentally friendly:


  • Having an online store allows us to reduce the number of stores, digital not printed catalogs and save thousands of trees ...
  • In our offices, by innovating and using technology, the use of paper has been greatly reduced ...
  • In our warehouses, we recycle our packaging...


So as you can see, we are passionate and excited to continue to serve you with integrity, as we have always done, as we do and as we will always do. We will continue to be dedicated and committed to our customers and our people; to provide you with the best possible products selection and we look forward to our future with you!