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Skin & Body Care

Skin & Body Care

Are you seeing fine lines slowly appearing on your face? Do you fear growing old? Do you wish to slow you skin aging?

Nature has a way of slowing down the aging process. You'll find it in the sets of anti-aging and skin care products we have carefully selected for you. Choose from the following brand names we have partnered with: Luzern, Mary Cohr, Clear 60, Derma E, Earth Science, Desert Essence, Avalon Organics, Nova Scotia Fisherman, DermaSukin and many more.

Anti-aging cream - anti wrinkles cream

You must have seen it on television, heard it over the radio, read in a magazine or shared by your friend. But it’s true, whatever you eat reflects back on your skin. So be extra careful in choosing products to put on your face.

It's best to stick with organic or all natural skin care and anti-aging creams, moisturizers, lotion, masks, exfoliators manufactured by world renowned and trusted manufacturers.

Face wash and cleanser (facial cleansers)

Our face needs extra care, thus the need to use more than soap to help cleanse it of impurities.

Face exfoliators

Regular facial cleansing is not enough, especially with the heavily polluted environment we live in. Thus the need to exfoliate our face twice or thrice a week.

Facial masks

Sometimes facial exfoliators are not enough to unclog the pores from dirt. Your skin needs a more potent ally - facial masks. We have an array of facial masks to help you with this.

Facial cream and face lotion

Cleansing your body does not end with washing it up with face cleansers. You need to introduce moisture back to your face, otherwise protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. How is this done? Apply facial cream or lotion on your face in the evening and in the morning.

Face moisturizers and face oil

Do you have a special liking over face moisturizers and face oil. We have you covered. Our products include face moisturizers and face oil that are perfect even for the most sensitive of skin. Here are our list of skincare and anti-aging products for you to choose.

Body lotion and skin moisturizer

Why protect your face alone, if you can protect your entire body with body lotion and skin moisturizer. Help it withstand stress and harmful elements brought by pollution. Choose the perfect body lotion and skin moisturizer as your daily skin regimen.


Look more beautiful with cosmetics made from organic ingredients. Never worry about the harm it may bring to your skin because these cosmetics are made from organic materials that will bring no harm to your precious skin.