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Toilet Safety rails

Toilet Safety rails

Toilet Rails Guide and Tips: Avoid Toilet Accidents And Joints Pain

Toilet rails are simple bathroom safety aids. They are used to help patients to get in and off a toilet bowl, safely and effortlessly. Quality toilet safety frames are made from robust anti-corrosion Aluminum. Most of models come with comfortable armrests. While looking to our toilet rails, be sure to pick the one that fits your weight capacity.

Who Benefits From Toilet Safety Frames?

Toilet rails are beneficial for people who are having difficulty lowering themselves down and resuming a standing point, such as: seniors, people with disability or people who have been operated for knee or hip surgery.

Types Of Toilet Rails:

Toilet rails are available in two major types:

  • Models that attach to the toilet or standard toilet safety frames: assembly is easy and tool free for most models.
  • Free standing toilet rails: for this type no assembly is needed at all.

Our Toilet Safety Rail Brands

We have selected the best brand names in the market manufacturing toilet safety rail. Choose from any of the products supplied by these manufacturers: Aquasense, Invacare, Drive, Human Care - Dana Douglas, Etac, Optima Toilet Safety Bars.