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Fractured Fingers Splint

Broken finger splint:

A finger splint for broken finger immobilizes your finger directly following the fracture; or during recovery, if your injury requires a surgery or medical intervention. The use of a fractured finger brace keeps your bones in the targeted position, and makes recovery easier. A finger stabilizer splint is practical and more hygienic than a standard bandage.

What is a fractured finger?

The most common types of fractured fingers are related to a fracture in one or more of Phalanges bones. A broken finger injury can be simple or more complicated, depending on: the location of your fracture, the number of fingers or bones involved, or the extent of the fracture (small crack or the bone is fractured into small pieces).


Symptoms will depend on the severity of finger fracture. Small fractures or cracks show some pain and swelling. More severe broken finger may involve a bone dislocation, an open fracture, a deformed finger, or even a ligament tear. See also our section about a broken thumb.

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