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Back Supports - Back Braces

Back Supports - Back Braces

Back Brace And Back Support For Back Pain

You'll find various back support, back brace or posture brace for back pain in the market, today. But how sure are you that these are designed by medical professionals and experts with long years of experience?

Here at, we only deal with trusted back brace brand names, to ensure you receive the best back brace for your needs.

Back support belt

These back support belts are primarily designed to support and improve back posture while helping treat and manage low back pain and lumbar pain caused by the following conditions:

  • Sciatica
  • Slipped disc
  • Facet syndrome
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease

Often than not you'll find that these back support belts aid in preventing the weak core muscles of your back to become strained.

Back Brace For Sport

Athletes need all the support they get to avoid unwanted injuries, especially so if they are already recovering from an injury. Thus the need to wear comfortable yet reliable back support belt and lumbar back brace.

These back braces and lumbar supports greatly improve back posture to prevent, treat and manage low back pain, especially for individuals who have a history of back injury and back pain. You'll find that these products are adjustable to fit your body type and is very comfortable to wear as it is made from breathable fabric.

Couldn't find the right back support or back brace for your needs? We are happy to help. Chat with us online or call us at 1888 904-1888. Free Shipping in Canada provinces and major cities such as: Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal.

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CAD$64.99 CAD$57.89
Product Description:This 9" Abdominal belt for cosmetic surgery is recommended for Tummy Tu..
Product Features: This plush woven elastic binder provides effective aid in relieving muscle tension..
Product Features: This plush woven elastic binder provides effective aid in relieving muscle tension..
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Product Summary: Dynamic posture correcting lumbar support belt.Product Features: Crossover elastic ..
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Product Summary: Functional lumbar belt.Product Features: Aerated elastic fabric. Flexible posterior..
Product Features:This lumbar support features two flexible plastic abdominal panels, an inelasti..
Product Features:This support incorporates all of the patented design features of the regular Ba..
Product Features:This lumbar-sacral support features two flexible plastic abdominal panels, a se..
Product Features:The adjustable, elastic double side pulls provide excellent lumbar support. Thi..
CAD$74.99 CAD$69.99
Product Summary: Reinforced lumbar support belt.Product Features: Crossover elastic Combitex® fabric..