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Shoulder Fracture Immobilizer

Shoulder immobilizer support for broken shoulder:

A shoulder immobilizer is a shoulder support or sling, worn by patients, with the primary goal of stabilizing a broken shoulder. The model and the type of a shoulder support to use would depend on the type and location of your shoulder fracture. When we talk about a fractured shoulder, we need to be more precise about which shoulder bone is injured, and in need to be immobilized by a shoulder immobilizer brace. See below a brief description of each of broken shoulder types:

What is a broken shoulder? how it happens?

A broken shoulder means that one of the three bones surrounding the shoulder joint is fractured or cracked. These shoulder bones are: the Scapula, the Clavicle or collarbone, and the Humerus.

Types of fractured shoulder:

Three types of fractured shoulder exist:

  1. Humerus Fracture: or the Proximal Humerus fracture, is the most common one. The Humerus bone starts at the shoulder joint and connects shoulder to the elbow. Typically, in this case a shoulder is broken at the top of the Humerus (humeral fracture).
  2. Broken Clavicle or Collarbone: the Clavicle is the bone connecting your neck to your shoulder from the front. A fractured clavicle may occur in contact sports, like Football.
  3. Scapula Fracture: the Scapula bone or shoulder blade is a large triangular bone that connects your shoulder to your chest from the back. A Scapula related fractured shoulder is less common, and can be triggered by a trauma in a contact sport or in a car accident, per example.


Generally, in most cases a broken shoulder can be treated without any surgical intervention. The use of a shoulder immobilizer accelerates the healing of your fracture.

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