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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Post surgical bra after breast augmentation

What is a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation or a "boob job" is a type of cosmetic surgery that increases the size, fullness and shape of a woman's breast. This involves using breast implants or fat transfer to help an individual to achieve the breast size she has always dreamed of.

Common features of a post surgery bra

You should look for the following features when looking for a post surgery bra after breast augmentation by implants:

  • A compression bra post surgery with front closure, to help you easily put it on while recovering.
  • Has to be snug but not too tight, it should still allow you to breathe.
  • Wide straps on the shoulders and under the cups to give your breast and shoulder the needed support after breast enlargement.

You should remember that the goal of a post surgical bra after breast augmentation is to provide the needed compression and support to breast implants during recovery. If you feel a pain or discomfort while wearing one, stop using it and seek your doctor’s advice.

Why to wear a compression bra post surgery?

Compression bra post surgery for breast augmentation delivers many benefits to an individual. This includes:

  1. Reducing fluid to prevent hepatomas.
  2. Promoting blood circulation and relieving swelling.
  3. Protecting the incisions from infection.
  4. Allowing improved healing through the comfortable compression fabric used in making a post surgical bra.

These benefits are rarely provided by conventional bras. Moreover, you'll find that these post surgery bras are also very comfortable to wear after breast enlargement because of the unique fabric used in its manufacture.

How many post surgical bras should I have?

It is recommended to get more than one size of post surgical bras after breast augmentation. This is because your breast size and shape will still undergo different changes during the first months after the surgery. To protect your investment, you should choose a specialized compression bra post surgery that is very comfortable to your body, and with an adequate support to protect your breast implants while recovering from surgery.

After the swelling has dissipated, you may now look for other types of bras. However, it is still better to choose a post surgery bra after breast augmentation size that will not be too loose or too tight on your new breasts. As needed, you may inquire for a professional fitter to measure the perfect size for you.

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