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Lumbar Back Brace

Lumbar back brace to support low back pain:

Lower back pain occurs at least once a life for everybody. Wearing a lumbar back brace can help to relieve your low back pain. Also, if your low back lumbar area is exposed to a higher than average pressure from sport or work environment, you can use a lumbar support belt for prevention as well. It would help to support your low back and to amortize stress on the lower part of your spine.

What is a lumbar support belt?

A lumbar support belt is a low profile back brace that is designed to support weakened vertebrae at the low part of the backbone. The lumbar area is composed of five vertebrae, L1 to L5. A lumbar back brace is available in two big categories: a soft elastic support for mild back pain or for pure prevention, or a more rigid version for moderate to severe lumbar pain.

Why does my back hurt?

A lumbar pain or Lumbago is a generic term used for many types of back injuries. Actually, a back injury can be related to problems in: bones or vertebrae, discs between spine bones, ligaments, muscles or nerves. When discs between bones are squeezed or damaged, we are talking here about an herniated disk.

Back pain can be caused by various events. Among other things, a back injury may arise from: bad posture while sleeping or working, overweight, physically demanding jobs, sport injury, accident or degenerative disease.

How a lumbar back brace helps to reduce back pain?

Before buying a lumbar back brace, be sure that it is the right one for your back pain. A lumbar support belt that is specifically designed for your injury helps to unload the lumbar area by providing the needed support to get a better posture.

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