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Sprain & Injury Wrist Support

Wrist support for sprained wrist:

A wrist support for sprained wrist ranges from soft brace to rigid splint. Actually, the choice of which wrist brace to choose will depend on wrist sprain or strain severity grade. Don't panic! a twisted wrist occurs very often with athletes, kids, seniors or any other person. Many Basketball, Tennis, Golf or Baseball athletes would use wrist braces as sprain prevention supports.

What is a wrist sprain?

Wrist sprain happens when one or more ligaments are torn. Actually, when we fall or we slide, as a spontaneous reaction, We use our hand and wrist as a mean to brake our fall. In some cases, when our wrist is over twisted or under pressure, a ligament tear may occur. Most common sprained wrist symptoms are: pain, swelling, popping.

What wrist brace to use for my sprain?

  • Grade 1: it is a mild wrist sprain. Treatment: It takes some rest with a soft compression wrist support, like this one.
  • Grade 2: it is a moderate ligament tear. Treatment: stop all activities involving pressure on your wrist, apply some ice and wear wrist braces with medium level support, like this one for left hand, and this one for right one.
  • Grade 3: it is an acute wrist sprain, where ligaments are fully torn and you can't even use your wrist. In this case, you should seek a Doctor's advice. In this case a post-op or stabilizing wrist support may be required, like this model.
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