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Jumper's Knee Brace & Strap

Jumper's knee brace - patella Tendonitis support strap:

A Jumpers Knee support strap helps to relieve patellar tendinopathy related knee pain. and to unload pressure on injured knee tendons. Also, for a better knee protection, a Jumper's Knee brace or sleeve is easy to use by athletes to protect kneecap, and to prevent Jumpers knee or Patella Tendonitis injury.

What is a Jumpers Knee or Patellar Tendinopathy? How it happens?

Jumpers Knee is an overuse of the patella tendon by athletes playing sports, involving a lot of jumping, per example: Basketball, Volleyball, Running, or even Soccer. Kneecap is connected to leg bones with two tendons:

  • The quadriceps tendon from the top: relates the Patella to the thigh bone, and
  • The patella tendon or patella ligament from the bottom: it connects the kneecap to the Tibia or shin bone.

Patella Tendonitis versus Patellar Tendinopathy (Jumper's Knee), what is the difference?

Patella tendinitis is an inflammation of the knee tendon; while Jumper's knee is a more chronic knee injury, it is a degeneration in the tendon.

Jumper's knees symptoms:

Most common symptoms of jumpers knees are: pain at the bottom of the kneecap (at the front of your knee), inflammation of the knee in some cases.


In addition to rest, use a knee strap, a more advanced knee brace or a compression knee sleeve.

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