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Best Sellers Body Lift Garments

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Compression garment after Tummy Tuck or abdominal liposuction: This compression garment..
Liposuction garment: above knee and low back bodysuit This liposuction garment is a bod..
CAD$84.99 CAD$78.99
Post abdominoplasty compression garment: torso brief panty This post Abdominoplasty com..
CAD$79.99 CAD$72.99
Post op abdominal compression garment: cotton inside with a back and abdominal support ..
Post op compression arm sleeves after arm liposuction or arm lift: Wear the post op com..
Post op compression garment: after plastic or cosmetic surgery This post op compression..
CAD$184.99 CAD$139.99
Post op panty: high waist brief for lower abdominal surgery This post op panty is a hig..
CAD$74.99 CAD$58.99
Post surgery compression garment for arm lift or arm liposuction: The post surgery comp..
CAD$189.99 CAD$169.99
Post surgery compression top with sleeves: for upper body liposuction or lift This post..
CAD$89.99 CAD$79.99
Sleeveless compression vest: The sleeveless compression vest is a post surgery garment ..
CAD$89.99 CAD$74.99
Post surgery girdle: below knee Called also post op capri, the post surgery girdle is d..
CAD$79.99 CAD$69.99
Post surgical arm compression garment: arm lift or liposuction The post surgical arm co..
CAD$79.99 CAD$64.99
Post surgical compression garment: with high back and short girdle This post surgical c..
CAD$184.99 CAD$139.99
Post surgical compression vest for men: sleeveless The post surgical compression vest f..
CAD$89.99 CAD$78.99
Post surgical compression vest with sleeves: for arms or breast surgery The post surgic..
CAD$89.99 CAD$79.99
Post surgical garment: after Brazilian butt lift or implants The post surgical compress..
CAD$139.99 CAD$119.99