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Shoulder Dislocation Brace

Shoulder brace for shoulder dislocation:

A shoulder brace or stabilizer is recommended for use by patients experiencing a shoulder dislocation or instability. This shoulder immobilizer support is very useful in order to hold shoulder in place, during recovery, following the relocation of the shoulder by your doctor. Also, the shoulder brace would help to prevent a repetitive dislocated shoulder.

What is dislocated shoulder? how does dislocation happen?

A dislocated shoulder happens when the Humerus bone head goes out of shoulder joint. Shoulder dislocation can occur in various directions: to the front (the most frequent), to the back, or to the side of the shoulder joint. Following a first dislocation, patients may experience other recurrent shoulder dislocations, because muscles and tendons become worn. If you have doubt that your shoulder is dislocated, do not make any movement and see your doctor immediately.


Shoulder dislocation or instability is caused by a direct trauma to the joint. Football or Hockey players, or athletes in other contact sports, are exposed to a higher risk of this shoulder injury. An accident or falling directly on your shoulder can also trigger a dislocated shoulder.


Common symptoms of a dislocated shoulder are: acute pain, deformity in the shoulder, and swelling.


Immediate medical intervention is required by your doctor to relocate your Humerus head into the shoulder joint. A rapid shoulder dislocation correction avoids further damages in ligaments and bones. During recovery period, wear a shoulder brace to support and immobilize your dislocated shoulder.

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