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Knee Bands and Knee Straps

Knee bands or knee straps for patella Tendonitis:

Knee bands or knee straps provide support to kneecap tendon. Knee strap is recommended for sports involving frequent pressure on knee patella like: jumping, running, Volleyball, Basketball. Knee bands help athletes to prevent patellar tendonitis, or Jumper's knee, and Runner's Knee. Protect your knee and patella, shop your patellar knee band now.

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Product Summary:Reducing symptoms of knees patellar tendonitis (runner’s/jumper’s knee), Osgood-..
CAD$21.99 CAD$19.99
Breathable Knee Strap Runner's Knee Or Jumper's KneeProduct Description:The Jumper’s Knee Br..
CAD$44.99 CAD$34.99
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Product Features:The Mueller® Jumper’s Knee Strap helps relieve patellar tendonitis. Tubular inse..
CAD$15.99 CAD$14.99
Product Features:The Mueller® Max Knee Strap is a lightweight, easy solution that helps relieve c..
CAD$44.99 CAD$37.99
Product Features:The Patellavatar knee orthosis has a unique design that applies pressure to the..
Product Summary Surround™ Patella Strap Helps relieve anterior knee pain caused by patellar tendonit..
CAD$31.99 CAD$27.99