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Safety Bed Rails

Safety Bed Rails

Safety Bed Rails - Tips on Why and When you need to buy them?

  1. Do you need assistance getting in and out of bed?
  2. Do you often roll out of bed while sleeping?

If answers for both questions are Yes: We Recommend you to purchase adult safety bed rails to secure yourself.

Main Functions of Bed Rail

Undecided if you need safety bed rail? Here are some of the benefits it delivers:

  • Reduce the risk of falling from bed
  • Assist in repositioning yourself while in the bed
  • Help in transferring in and out of the bed.

3 Types of Safety Bed Rails

There are various types of adult safety bed rails for seniors to suit your requirements. Choose from the various types we offer:

Quarter elderly bed rail

This bed rail is added to an elderly’s bed to provide additional support when they get in and out of the bed.

Half safety bed rails

It delivers security and elderly support without confining the patient in bed. The half seniors bed rails is perfect for bed types that can be elevated.

Full length bed rail

It can often be adjusted up or down as needed by the patient or the health care assistant.

List of 4 Things to Consider when Purchasing Adult Bed Rail

Be informed of the following do’s and don'ts when purchasing and installing bed rails:

  1. Not all bed rails will fit all bed sizes. It is always best to measure the bed. However, We have many universal bed rail models, like the MRail.
  2. Confirm the age, size and weight of the person / senior using the bed rail.
  3. Install the adult bed rail as instructed in the manufacturer’s manual.
  4. Regularly check the mattress to avoid rail entrapment and if the bed rail is still installed correctly.

For additional questions and concerns about safety bed rails, our helpful experts will always be ready to assist you. Call us at 1888 904-1888.