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Shoulder Separation Brace

Shoulder brace or sling for shoulder separation:

A shoulder brace for shoulder separation helps to relieve pressure on torn AC or CC ligament. Also, immobilizing your separated shoulder by a shoulder immobilizer support reduces pain and swelling.

What is a separated shoulder? how it does happen?

A separated shoulder means that one of ligaments relating Clavicle bone to shoulder blade (Scapula bone) is sprained or torn. Shoulder separation can be moderate or severe. When a patient is having a ligament tear, it means that the shoulder Collarbone is fully separated. Generally, this shoulder injury is not considered as very serious one, compared to other injuries, unless ligaments are deeply damaged.


People suffering from shoulder separation would feel some pain, swelling or loss of strength and motion.


Common causes of a separated shoulder are: direct trauma to clavicle area in contact sports, fall or accident.


Generally, a shoulder separation can be treated easily with rest and immobilization. Wear a shoulder brace to prevent the worsening of your injury. For severely torn ligament, contact your doctor.

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