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20-30 mmHg Compression Stockings

20-30 mmHg Compression Stockings

Graduated Compression Socks: 20-30 mmHg

Graduated compression socks in 20-30 mmHg, called also grade 2 medical compression, are available in knee high, thigh high, tights or maternity pantyhose. These compression stockings are recommended for Men or Women suffering from venous insufficiency, oedema, varicose veins, Deep veins Thrombosis or Phlebitis. We recommend to seek your Doctor's advice before using this medication free medical product.

With our selection of 20 30 mmHg compression socks, you don't have to worry anymore about your look! They are available in large set of stylish colors and styles, to fit every taste and occasion. They are easy to wear, and are closely measured to fit you as accurately as possible. Pick your men or women measured compression stockings for work, sports or simply for every day.

What graduated compression stockings means?

Gradient or graduated compression stockings means that knee high, thigh high or pantyhose socks; are knitted in a way that a maximum compression is applied at the ankle level, and then it decreases progressively once we go up through the leg. Very important to mention that not all 20-30 mmHg compression socks are made with a gradient compression fabric.

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Compression Socks For Men 20-30 mmhg: CircuTrend compression socks are made for busy Me..
CAD$96.79 CAD$64.59
Based on 5 reviews.
Compression Socks For Men Actiman by Doctor Brace: 20-30 mmHg Compression socks for Men..
CAD$72.49 CAD$48.39
Based on 8 reviews.
Compression Stockings For Men Thigh High: 20-30 mmHg These Doctor Brace CircuTrend comp..
CAD$112.99 CAD$75.39
Based on 1 reviews.
Maternity Compression Stockings During and After Pregnancy: The Doctor Brace CircuTrend..
CAD$150.29 CAD$101.79
Based on 3 reviews.
Men compression socks with Open Toe and 20-30 mmHg: Recommended Use:Wear these C..
CAD$96.79 CAD$64.59
Based on 1 reviews.
Thigh High Compression Stockings with Open Toe: 20-30 mmHg The thigh high open toe comp..
CAD$112.99 CAD$75.39
20-30 Men Compression Stockings Thigh High: Open Toe Men with above average sensitivity..
CAD$112.99 CAD$75.39
Pantyhose Compression Stockings: 20-30 mmhg Doctor Brace CircuTrend Pantyhose compressi..
CAD$125.19 CAD$84.79
Based on 3 reviews.
Thigh High Women Compression Stockings in 20-30 mmHg: The women compression stockings w..
CAD$112.99 CAD$75.39
Based on 2 reviews.
Women Compression Socks 20-30 mmHg: Open Toe These graduated Women compression socks by..
CAD$96.79 CAD$64.59
Based on 1 reviews.
Women Compression Stockings: Knee High in 20-30 mmHg The Women compression stockings Ci..
CAD$96.79 CAD$64.59
Based on 9 reviews.