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Hinged Ankle Braces

Ankle brace with hinges: a stabilizing ankle support

Hinged ankle brace with hinges provides a better stability than a soft ankle support. It is recommended for severe ankle injuries, like: grade 2 or 3 torn ankle, fractured ankle, or ankle instability. This ankle support is available with flexible or rigid hinges.

Use a hinged ankle brace to get a faster recovery from an ankle sprain, and to alleviate your ankle pain or swelling.

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Product Features:The ASO Flex-Hinge combines the proven technology of the ASO's strapping system..
CAD$98.99 CAD$84.99
Product Summary Protected range of motion and adjustable air cell system provides stability and help..
CAD$279.99 CAD$264.99
Product SummaryDesigned to increase stability and help decrease pain and edema following traum..
CAD$239.99 CAD$199.99
Product SummaryVelocity represents an evolution in DonJoy ankle brace technology, utilizing se..
CAD$74.99 CAD$71.99
Product Summary:Ankle Pain relief and support for various moderate to major instabilities and co..
CAD$87.99 CAD$79.99