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Broken Wrist Brace

Wrist splint for broken wrist:

A wrist splint is a rigid support. Its main function is to immobilize a broken wrist. Well immobilized wrist fracture heals faster and better. Actually, a well made fractured wrist brace replaces the basic bandage, and allows a better broken bones alignment and healing.

What is a wrist fracture? How does it happen?

A wrist fracture occurs in the same situations as a wrist sprain. Most often, when we fall suddenly, our first reaction is to lean on our hand or wrist. In some cases, we twist our wrist too much, the outcome is a fractured wrist.

Fractured wrist symptoms:

A fractured wrist symptoms are: acute pain, Edema, wrist distortion, and weakness in wrist or hand.


Most obvious available treatments for a broken wrist are: rest, ice, and wrist splint to align fractured bones. Some wrist fracture situations may require a surgery, in this case a post-op wrist support is used for recovery.

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