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Short Air Cast Walking Boot

Low Air Cast boot: why and how to use?

A short or low air cast boot is a popular foot and ankle brace for people with fractured ankle, broken foot or severe sprained ankle. We call it short because it is shorter than the long air cast walking boot. But to be more accurate, it is rather the standard and most popular boot cast for injured ankle or foot.

What's an air cast walking boot?

An air cast walking boot is the version of boot cast that is equipped with an inflatable pneumatic or air pump. By inflating your low air cast boot, you create a kind of foot or ankle protection cushion. These inflated air pockets would prevent sprained or broken ankle from feeling any shock or rough contact with floor or other solid surface. In addition, the discretionary air pumping allows patient to choose the right adjustment level for her or him.

Why to use an air cast boot?

The use of an air cast boot, like the Aircast Airselect Short Pneumatic Walker Boots or the Form Fit Boot Cast Short Ankle Sprain or Fracture, would stabilize broken or sprained ankle much better. It will also relieve pain and swelling, and provide faster recovery, thanks to the additional protection and stabilization. Finally, with an air cast boot, you can walk without any help from crutches or other mobility device. For high ankle sprain, use long air cast walker boot.

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