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Supports and Braces

Supports and Braces

Supports and Braces Types and Buying Guide is a supplier of high quality orthotics, supports and braces manufactured by trusted brands such as: Bauerfeind, Donjoy, Aircast, Medi, Medspec, Aso or Mueller. Learn more about the various supports and braces we offer.

Back supports and braces – lumbar supports and braces

These back supports and braces are designed not only to support and improve back posture, but to also help treat and manage low back pain caused by various conditions such as: Facet syndrome, Sciatica, Slipped disc, Spinal stenosis, Other degenerative disc disease.

Knee supports and braces

These knee supports and braces are used by professionals, athletes, senior and other individuals who are undergoing knee rehabilitation. Use of these products also  help provide stability and support following knee injuries such as: Knee arthritis, Patella tendonitis, Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture, Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) rupture, Runners knee, Sprained medial knee ligament, Torn knee cartilage.

Shoulder supports and braces

These shoulder supports and braces are often used by athletes undergoing shoulder rehabilitation after suffering from injuries such as: Broken collarbone, Dislocated shoulder, Shoulder separation.

Hip supports and braces

These high quality hip supports and braces are trusted by many athletes and even medical professionals in helping quickly treat hip injuries and surgeries.

Ankle supports and braces

These ankle supports and braces provide physical restraint and reinforcement on your ankle ligaments. It also assists in providing sensory feedback to sensory nerves found around your ankle that helps improve the patient's sense of proprioception.

Elbow, arm, hand supports and braces

These elbow, arm and hand supports and braces are very efficient in relieving symptoms of painful elbow conditions often experienced by tennis players, golfers and other athletes .

Neck supports and braces

These neck supports and braces and cervical collars are both comfortable and reliable in the treatment of neck pain and other related conditions. It has soft collars that conveniently help carry the weight of the head; thus relieving the strain your neck muscles, ligaments and muscle tissues.

Foot orthosis and orthotics

Give extra care to your feet with these specially designed foot orthoses/insoles. It is most helpful in supporting the feet and improving foot posture especially for those with chronic foot or leg problems.