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Commode Chairs

Commode Chairs

Commode chair buying guide: buy the one that meets your requirements!

Buying a commode chair or a shower commode is not necessarily an easy task to do. Indeed, the need for a commode chair is often related to a little taboo in our society: getting old on the one hand, and on the other the relation with the intimate parts of the body.

At we are well aware of this, which is why we offer a wide range of commode chairs manufactured by many known brands such as Invacare commodes, Etac Swift Commode, Medpro Commodes or Drive Commode. To serve you better, We offer you a team of experts and professionals available to answer any questions you may have on commode chairs or any other product we sell.

List of reasons for why to buy a commode chair or a shower commode!

  1. A commode chair helps to avoid some situations that are difficult to manage. Being an elderly person suffering from reduced mobility, or any other person in a recovery phase following a surgery, are concerns that make daily life harder to live.
  2. A commode chair or shower commode enables everyone to keep not only his or her freedom of movement, but also his or her privacy. It is not pleasant for anyone to go to the bathroom accompanied by a third person, sometimes the situation certainly needed, but often the use of a commode chair can solve many related difficulties.
  3. Indeed, with a commode chair placed close to the bed, many risks of falls are avoided. Adding to that, there is no need to make efforts associated with moving around the house during your night of sleep. Specially designed for those specific situations, commode chairs offer unparalleled comfort and assurance!

Many commode chairs and shower chairs models

The commode chair adapted to your specific needs, We have it! It’s shipped, with discreet shipping, to the comfort of your home across Canada and the United States: a light weight commode chair designed in aluminum, heavy duty, with wheels or without wheels ... a comfort shower commode that also allows you to take a sitting position for more safety in a shower ... with or without padded and/or removable armrests...