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Cubital Tunnel Brace

Cubital Tunnel elbow brace:

A Cubital Tunnel elbow brace or pad serves as a protection and elbow support, to be worn by patients day or night. Using this elbow splint for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome helps to limit unwanted movements, to relieve pain and to recover faster from injury. Typically, elbow supports for Ulnar Neuropathy have a special design, that is fully different from standard elbow braces.

What is Elbow Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, called also Ulnar Neuropathy, is the elbow pain related to Ulnar Nerve injury. It is triggered by an increased pressure on Ulnar Nerve, elbow overstretching or ulnar nerve irritation.


Cubital tunnel Syndrome symptoms may differ from one patient to another. Most common symptoms are: elbow pain, weakness in ring and fingers, sensation loss.

Cubital Tunnel treatment:

Cubital Tunnel treatment would depend on Ulnar nerve pain level. For mild to moderate Ulnar Neuropathy, limit painful movements or positions, and wear a Cubital Tunnel elbow brace. For severe elbow pain, more advanced treatments or surgery may be required, seek your doctor advice.

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