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Finger Brace For Arthritis

Finger brace for Arthritis of fingers:

Why to use an Arthritis finger splint?

A finger brace for Arthritis relieves arthritic fingers pain. It protects fingers and thumb joints suffering from an OA, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), or fingers Gout disease. Depending on pain and swelling location, choose the right finger splint for your Arthritis.

What is fingers Arthritis?

Thumb and fingers Arthritis are related to pain in bones joints. The reason why a finger joint is painful or swollen will depend on the type of fingers Arthritis a patient is experiencing.

Types of fingers Arthritis:

Fingers joints Arthritis most common three types are:

  • Fingers Osteoarthritis: fingers OA is the most common type of finger Arthritis. It is a wear and tear Arthritis. OA is triggered by the overuse of bones cartilage.
  • RA of fingers: Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune chronic type. It is related to the destruction of soft tissues and bones themselves.
  • Gout disease: Gout is an anomaly in body metabolism, related to Uric Acid intolerance. Most visible symptom is the appearance of crystals in body joints.
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