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Thigh Brace and Sleeve

Thigh Brace and Sleeve
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Product Summary:Enhanced compression zones at the groin and surrounding the knee puts the 3D p..
CAD$137.49 CAD$122.49
Product Summary:The 3D Pro compression knickers will support, align and stabilize the thighs a..
CAD$137.49 CAD$122.49
Product Summary:Shapes, supports and aligns muscles for more efficient movements and better pe..
CAD$82.49 CAD$73.49
Product Summary:The 3D Pro compression shorts provide targeted zones to support and align the ..
CAD$82.49 CAD$73.49
Product Summary:The most complete garment for increased efficiency of the legs. Experience the..
CAD$153.99 CAD$137.19
Based on 1 reviews.
Product Summary:Compression zones in The recuperation tights are the opposite of those on The ..
CAD$164.99 CAD$146.99
Product Summary:The one and only medical-grade compression tight that lessens aches and leg fa..
CAD$164.99 CAD$146.99
Men Athletic and RunningCompression Shorts DescriptionBase Shorts are the perfect addition to yo..
CAD$109.99 CAD$96.99
Unisex Quad - Thigh Sleeves with Compression for Team Sports:CEP Quad Sleeves give you more ener..
CAD$73.99 CAD$69.99
Based on 2 reviews.
Women Athletic and RunningCompression Shorts DescriptionBase Shorts are the perfect addition to ..
CAD$109.99 CAD$96.99
Compression Thigh Brace Cotton InsideProduct Description:The purpose of this wrap is to insu..
CAD$149.99 CAD$129.99
Based on 3 reviews.
Product Summary:The best performance piece for hockey. The 3D Pro Hockey Compression Shorts fe..
CAD$120.99 CAD$107.79
Product Summary:Increase your performance and give your muscles the necessary support with The..
CAD$65.99 CAD$58.79
Product Description: MyoTrain Thighs supports and orthosisThe breathable MyoTrain active support..
Product Summary:Reducing pain associated with calf strains, shin splints and varicose veins; aid..
CAD$32.99 CAD$29.99
Shin & calf support and braces SpecificationsSize: Measure around mid-section of the shin, ..