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Trigger Finger

Trigger finger brace: to keep your finger straight

A Trigger finger brace is designed to provide a good support to your injured fingers. Immobilizing your finger with a thumb splint, especially at night, would help to prevent injury from worsening. It also helps patient to benefit from an effecient healing.

What is a Trigger finger?

A finger Stenosing Tenosynovitis, or Trigger Finger, is a Tendinitis of one or more fingers. This finger injury occurs when tendons or tendon sheaths are swollen. The inflammation restricts tendon from gliding freely inside the sheaths. The result is a very painful finger with a very restricted motion. In some cases, one or more fingers remain bent.


Available treatment for this finger Tendonitis is relatively simple. For moderate cases: wear a night finger splint, and rest your fingers by stopping activities requiring an extensive use of trigger finger. For severe cases, a surgery and a post-op finger brace may be required. See also our section about the Trigger thumb.

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