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Butt Implants - Enhancement

Butt Implants - Enhancement

Surgical compression garments after butt implants

What is a butt augmentation by implants?

Butt implants is one of the plastic surgery techniques you can choose for butt augmentation. There are many choices of implants to consider. This includes:

  1. Silicone gel butt implants
  2. Water-filled butt implants
  3. Solid silicone butt implants

This is often requested by women to help shape and size their buttocks. However, there are many things to keep in mind before agreeing to undergo with this type of butt enhancement cosmetic surgery.

Things to consider before a butt augmentation

You should consider your level of activity, as well as the elasticity and quality of your skin. Based on these factors, your surgeon can help to guide you to the best type of incision pattern and butt augmentation technique to use. However, the surgery procedure is something you shouldn't worry too much about. It is the recovery stage that you need to be prepared with.

How to take care of your butt implants after surgery

After the butt implants, you should carefully follow the wound washing care instruction from your surgeon. If unsure, you may seek the assistance of a caretaker or a nurse, especially when placing a sterile gauze and emptying the surgical drains. In addition, you need to wear a post surgical compression garment for recovery.

Why to wear post surgical compression garments?

Post surgical compression garments after Buttock augmentation are important because implants have to adhere to the scar capsule around the device. If this will not happen, then it will result to serum (sweat pocket) or infection. Moreover, a post surgery girdle helps to better shape the area where the butt implants have been placed.

Other benefits of wearing post surgery girdle after butt enhancement

Amidst the various techniques your surgeon may use for your butt enhancement procedure, it is important to wear a post surgery girdle for recovery after your butt augmentation because it protects the wound from breaking down. It also reduces the possibility of bleeding.

These buttock augmentation post surgical compression garments and shapewear are to be worn for about one month, the full recovery period.

Another benefit of wearing post surgery shapewear for butt implants is to ensure that the implant will stay in its place after the surgery.

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