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Broken Thumb Splint

Broken thumb stabilizer splint:

A thumb stabilizer splint for broken thumb would immobilizes your thumb and helps fractured bones to heal better. Be sure to pick the thumb support brace that is adapted to your fractured thumb location and type.

What is a fractured thumb?

A fractured thumb is a less frequent injury than a broken finger. It occurs when one of three thumb bones (two Phalanges and one Metacarpal) is fractured, following a sudden accident or fall.

Types of broken thumb fractures:

When the bone fracture is located in one of the two phalanges, a broken thumb can be treated more easily. Things become complicated when the injury is located in the joint, or when the Metacarpal bone is fractured. This latter type of thumb fracture is called the Bennett fracture, or the Rolando fracture.


Symptoms of a fractured thumb are: immediate swelling and sharp pain.


Use a thumb stabilizer splint, apply ice to alleviate swollen thumb and take some rest. Some broken thumb cases may require surgery.

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