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Wigs & Headwear

Wigs & Headwear

Wigs just for you!


Looking for a wig to simply change your hairstyle? you are tired of having the same hairstyle or the same hair color every day? You are following a Cancer chemo treatment (chemotherapy)? you are suffering from hair loss? you are a woman or a man?



We thought of you! we offer a large collection of high quality wigs for men and women, made with care by world-class manufacturers. You have a full choice of wigs made of high quality real natural human hair or quality synthetic hair wigs, with long or short hair styles, bright or classic colors, wigs with conventional or trendy styles. Our product offering fits all budgets and our prices are competitive., a subsidiary of In Home Care Group, is available to help you through the process of choosing your perfect wig. If you are not sure what to buy: by taking an appointment with one of our specialists, We would be able to analyze your needs and recommend you the wig that best suits your needs. Also, following your purchase, we would be happy to train you to maintain and take good care of your wig.


Hair extensions, hairpieces, toppers, volumizers, hats and accessories


We also offer a huge choice of hair extensions, hairpieces, toppers, volumizers, hats, head scarves, hats for cancer, chemo hats, chemo scarves, sleep caps, turbans, etc.

  • Hair extensions, hairpieces or toppers are available in real natural hair or synthetic hair, in many colors and lengths.
  • Hats, head scarves or turbans have different styles and are made with quality materials. All budgets are well served!
  • We offer all types of products dedicated for people following Cancer chemotherapy treatment.