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Hernia Belt

Hernia Belt

Hernia Belt For Inguinal Hernia: Relieve Your Pain

A hernia belt relieves acute pain related to inguinal hernia, for Men and Women.

What is Inguinal Hernia?

Basically, an Inguinal Hernia happens when an intestinal tissue hits the abdominal wall, in a weak muscle area, just near the groin and Inguinal canals. The Inguinal Hernia and abdomen muscle weakness happen typically at birth, but can be triggered later on by a trauma or unusual effort. An Inguinal Hernia pain can be felt on the right or left side, or on both sides.

Inguinal Hernia symptoms:

Inguinal Hernia most common symptoms are: a severe pain caused by weight lifting or cough, swollen scrotum for Men, or in some cases a burning effect is felt.

How Hernia belts can help?

Hernia belts help to control pain, by providing a good support to the injured area. Not all Inguinal hernia belts are made equal. A superior quality hernia belt, like the Hernia Support Belt Ortel H for Men Bi-Lateral, is a proven product and made to alleviate pain as soon as possible.

Types of Hernia truss:

A hernia truss and hernial band are available in various designs; for right, left or bi-lateral Inguinal Hernia. Some models, like the Hernia Support Brief Belt For Inguinal Hernia, simulates a low profile Men brief, but with premium compression fabric, for an optimal hold. Other models of hernia belts have more rigid support, with holding straps, for a maximum support.

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Hernia Belt For Inguinal Hernia Unisex - Grey ColorProduct Description:These briefs exert a ..
CAD$119.99 CAD$98.99
Based on 2 reviews.
Product Summary:Hernia Belt.Product Features:Silicone pads 10.5X7 cm. Interch..
CAD$99.99 CAD$81.99
Product Summary:Hernia Belt.Product Features:Silicone pads 10.5X7 cm. Interch..
CAD$124.99 CAD$101.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Hernia Support Brief Belt For Inguinal HerniasProduct Description:These briefs exert a compr..
CAD$167.99 CAD$129.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Product Summary:Hernia Belt.Product Features:This Hernia Belt has a compressive..
CAD$49.99 CAD$44.99