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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Rather than placing a foreign body into your buttocks, in opposite to butt augmentation by implants, a Brazilian butt lift is a butt enhancement procedure where your plastic surgeon transfers your own body fat into certain areas of your buttocks that needs it. This make it safer and easier to apply. Thus it has become extremely popular among women from around the globe. The process involves three stages:

  • Stage 1: Liposuction of fat from another body part.
  • Stage 2: Transferring the fat to the buttocks.
  • Stage 3: Recovery after Brazilian butt lift.

Recovering from a Brazilian butt lift

To get the most of this procedure and to enjoy a smoother recovery, it is best to wear a specialized Brazilian butt lift post surgery shapewear or surgical girdle made with medical grade compression fabric.

Why to wear post surgical compression garments for recovery?

After the surgery, it is but normal for the individual to have swelling and bruises. Nevertheless, one may already walk after a day or two after the butt lift. However, you need to be extra careful with the area that has been injected with fat. Thus the need to wear post surgical compression garments. This helps in:

  1. Decreasing discomfort.
  2. Helping the skin retract. The compression fabric of the post surgery shapewear helps to control body shape and to obtain better butt enhancement.
  3. Minimizing the swelling.

Other reasons

A certain proportion of the fat that has been injected into your buttocks will not survive after a year. To ensure that the remaining fat solidifies, you'll need the aid of post surgical compression garments after Brazilian butt lift. Wearing a butt lift surgical girdle helps in solidifying the areas where the fat injection has been applied.

How long a post surgery shapewear should be worn after butt lift?

These Brazilian butt lift post surgery shapewear are often worn for about eight weeks. This ensures that the harvested and injected fat is able to heal properly. Thus delivering the results that you want.

How does a surgical girdle looks like?

This type of post surgical compression garments has a rear end cut out. This is to allow the fat grafts to solidify. However, in addition to wearing a surgical girdle after Brazilian butt lift, it is still important to remember the following instructions: sleep on your sides or stomach, use a donut or inflatable pillow when sitting, use a cushion even after eight weeks, especially when sitting during prolonged periods of time.

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