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Long Air Cast Boot

High Air Cast boot: use and tips

What is a high air cast boot? A long air cast boot is made longer, to cover higher area of the leg. This type of air cast walking boot is made with pneumatic pump system, with one or multi air cells.

Long aircast walking boot benefits:

Short or long air cast walking boot are built with integrated air pump. This pneumatic system is highly adjustable. Patients have the discretion to add as much air as they want, until optimum comfort is attained. Obvious benefits of an air cast boot are: it relieves foot or ankle pain and swelling, patient remains active as he or she can walk with a walker boot with little or no pain, no need to use any crutches or walking cane.

Recommended use:

Most common uses for a high air cast walker boot are:

  • High ankle sprain: depending on injury location; in some cases, a short air cast boot will not be enough.
  • Broken ankle or fractured foot.
  • Sprained ankle or stress fracture.
  • Edema located in ankle or lower foot.
  • Swollen Achilles tendon related to Tendonitis. However, not all air cast walking boot models are made to accommodate this injury. The Airselect Aircast boot can be used for Achilles Tendinitis.
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