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Elbow Sleeve

Elbow sleeve for sport or mild to moderate elbow injury:

An elbow sleeve is an elastic elbow brace that can be worn for: prevention, mild to moderate elbow injury, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, elbow Osteoarthritis, or Arthritis. The elbow sleeve category includes various types and models, with different materials, designs and uses.

Types of elastic elbow brace:

Elastic elbow brace is available in many types. Types classification is based on fabric and level of support. Price also may differ significantly between one elbow sleeve and another. In other words, not all elbow sleeves are made equal.

Neoprene elbow sleeves:

Made with Neoprene fabric, Neoprene elbow sleeves are generally worn by athletes in Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf or Football. They are less breathable than other fabrics, with better heat retention. A Neoprene elbow brace is ideal for injury prevention in sports, as it stimulates muscles, and acts as an elbow protection.

Compression elbow brace:

A compression elbow brace is a superior quality soft elbow support. It is recommended for patients with common elbow injury, like: elbow OA, elbow Arthritis, medial or lateral Epycondylitis. Compression elbow sleeve provides a better blood circulation.

Other elbow sleeve types:

An elastic elbow brace is also available in other types of fabrics, especially for people with Neoprene allergy. Some of these elbow sleeves fabrics are made more breathable than others.

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