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Curly Hair Wigs

Curly Hair Wigs

Curly Wigs: All About Curls

Curly wigs are available for white women or black women, long or short curly wigs, hand tied or lace front wigs. To fit your style and face shape, wigs are available with small curls or large curls.

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Women Wig Description:AQUA-V is a 20 inch layered spiral curl style with natural baby hair. Na..
CAD$108.39 CAD$86.69
Bella by Jon Renau Wigs Hair Type: Synthetic Hair Collection: Mono Top by Jon Rena..
Women Wig Description:BELLAGIO-V is a 23 inches long layered hair style with loose body curl. ..
CAD$640.69 CAD$599.69
Bianca by Jon Renau Wigs Hair Type: Synthetic Hair Collection: Classic by Jon Rena..
Wig Description:Cat by Ellen Wille is a mid-length wavy wig with a wispy bang. The hair transi..
CAD$374.99 CAD$274.89
Women Wig Description:CEDAR is an 11 inch wig with tight straw curl, layered ends, and side pa..
Based on 1 reviews.
Women Wig Description:CHILLI-V is a 12 inch loose and medium spiral curl of sophisticated and ..
Women Wig Description:FRESNO-V is an 18 inch wig with layered tight spiral curl all around. It..
CAD$145.39 CAD$113.09
Wig Description:Gina Mono by Ellen Wille is a full, layered, and curly synthetic wig that’s su..
CAD$652.79 CAD$479.99
Women Wig Description:GOLDIE-V is an 18 inch layered style with roller set and spiral sides. I..
Women Wig Description:H218-V is an 8 inch layered semi wet style with loose spiral curl. Caref..
CAD$187.49 CAD$158.29
Women Wig Description:HH-WHITNEY-V is an 8 inch short layered spiral and loose curl combinatio..
Wig Description:Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille is abundant in volume, body and beautiful curls. This..
CAD$340.29 CAD$234.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Jessica by Jon Renau Wigs Hair Type: Synthetic Hair Collection: Classic by Jon Ren..
Women Wig Description:JOANNA-V is a 17 inch layered body curl style with pullback on sides wit..
Women Wig Description:JOZEFINA-V is a 14 inch wig with layered bohemian curl, bang, and center..
CAD$144.39 CAD$126.39