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Moderate Absorbency Underwear Brief

Moderate Absorbency Underwear Brief

Moderate Absorbency Incontinence Adult Diapers And Briefs:

Moderate absorbency adult diapers are made to accommodate patients with medium to low urinary incontinence leakage rate. Of course, to avoid bad surprises, adult briefs should be changed more often per day. Actually, each incontinent patient is unique in term of ideal daily frequency to change adult diapers. There is no one good answer for this question, frequency depends on many factors, such as:

  • Level of bladder control (Lazy bladder level).
  • Does the person drink a lot of fluids daily?
  • At night while falling asleep, We don't feel necessarily when an adult brief is full. For night use, you may opt for maximum absorbent adult diapers.
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