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Transfer Benches & Seats

Transfer Benches & Seats

Bath transfer bench: stay safe with your transfer chair

Do you require seating support getting into a bathtub while taking a bath? Are you looking for a sturdy bath transfer bench/bath seat to assist you upon entry and exit from the tub or shower stall? offers various brands of bath transfer bench to accommodate your needs:

  • Get to the tub easier and safer
  • Reduce risk of fall
  • Conveniently step over the tub wall

Tips How to Find and Buy the Perfect Transfer Chair for Seniors

With many product brands offering transfer chair, it is best to learn some tips that will make your selection process easier.

Bath Transfer bench with reversible back

Most transfer chairs come with a reversible back. This makes it easier to position the person in the bathtub either ways, especially if you have small bathroom space. See This Molded Bath Transfer Bench and Seat.

Bath Transfer bench with sliding and swivel seat

This tub transfer bench design allows easy entry to the tub. With 90 degrees seat swivel feature, it would be very convenient and safe to slide into the tub. See this Sliding Bath Transfer Chair (We have also Swivel benches. Call to Order).

Transfer chair with padded seat

This padded transfer chair makes your elderly sit comfortably on it while you assist him/her during bathing in bathtub.

List of Things to Consider Before Buying A Bath Transfer Bench

  1. Sliding Doors: Does your bathroom has sliding doors? If so, then you need to replace it with a shower curtain for easy transfer or pick our Modular Premium Bath Transfer Bench.
  2. Skin Type: Elderly with delicate skin would seat more comfortable on a waterproof seat Like this bath transfer bench.
  3. Degree of senior mobility: Can your elderly at least partially stand? If not, then you may need a transfer seat ergonomically designed for you to clean his/her private areas without needing to stand-up like this transfer chair.
  4. Weight: How heavy/light is the person? Check to see if the transfer chair has the capacity to hold the weight of the individual. For persons with overweight, Heavy Duty Bariatric bath transfer bench is available.
  5. Assembly requirement: How complicated is it to assemble bath chairs? How many screws that is have? To save you from complex assembling of parts, inquire if there are fully assembled transfer chairs that can be delivered to your home.

Our Bath Transfer Bench Products

We take pride in delivering bath transfer bench products supplied by: AMG, Aquasense, Dana Douglas Human Care, Drive Medical, Invacare.