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Bariatric Commode Chair

Bariatric Commode Chair

Bariatric commode chair: heavy duty for overweight

A bariatric commode chair is built with heavy duty design and materials, to support higher weight capacity. Heavy duty commode chairs are wide and are made to accommodate overweight or obese persons. They are built resistant and durable, especially for professional use by medical institutions like hospitals or senior living homes. What is a bariatric commode? and, what are its most important features?

  • It is available in various weight capacities. A bariatric commode chair with 1000 pounds capacity is by far more resistant than the one with a 350 pounds weight capacity.
  • Bariatric commode chairs are on average wider than regular ones. However, there are various available widths of wide commode chairs.
  • It is always more prudent to keep a weight capacity buffer, for a better resistance during heavy duty use.
  • Typically, a heavy duty commode chair has fold-up or drop-down armrests and a backrest. These features allow a better patient transfer and an ultimate comfort.
  • Prices difference between a bariatric commode chair and other commodes types is based on: weight capacity, width, materials quality and included comfort options.
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