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Pet Shop

List of Pets accessories for dogs, cats and more

We all love our pets. They are cute members of the family that never fail to give cheers to our days. Give them that extra care. Buy them these pets supplies and accessories from our pet shop, or give these as gifts to your family and friends.

Leashes, harnesses and collars

Are you looking forward to the day you can finally walk your dog to the park? Do so with delight while keeping them comfortable with our variety of leashes, harnesses and collars. Click here to see our leashes, harnesses and collars.

Pets bowls and feeders

Make eating time more adorable for your cats and dogs with these pets bowls and feeders. It comes in various shapes, colors and sizes to ensure you can have the choice that you want. Click here to see our bowls and feeders for dogs or Cats.

Toys for pets (dog toys and cat toys)

Effectively train your cats and dogs with these durable toys for pets. Keep them happy and healthy. Play with them whenever you want to and create memorable moments together. Click here to see our list of toys for Dogs or Cats.

Crates and gates for cats and dogs

Transporting your pets to and from your house could be stressful for your cats and dogs. Make them feel more comfortable with these adorable crates and gates. We have a wide variety of selection to choose from.

All Grooming Supplies for your dog or cat: Pet shampoo, bad odor removers, brushes, and conditioner

Keep your dog or cat smelling good with these pet shampoos and conditioners. Be proud with the beautiful shine of their fur and use the final touch of quality brush or comb. Use our dog deodorizers to remove bad odors and replace it with fresh perfume. Also, visit our solution for dog or cat Ears Cleaning and dog or cat Eyes Cleaning. Choose one, today.

Dog clothes

Your pets require some elegant clothing to flaunt on the street, right? Where else can you choose funky clothes but here at Cause we not only care for you but for your pets as well.

Pets dental care

Your dog or cat are prone to various dental problems. Secure their dental health with these select pet's dental care products like toothbrushes for dog or cat, toothpaste, anti-plaque solutions for dog or cat. Click here to see our list of Dogs or Cats dental care.

Pets vitamins and supplements

Keep your pets in perfect condition. Supply them with these natural and healthy vitamins and supplements for dogs or cats.

Dog and cat wormers – Flea and Tick Treatment for dogs or cats

Keep internal parasites like heartworms, round worms or tapeworms; or external parasites like Flea or Tick; away from your dog or cat. Use our pets solution to prevent or fight them. Click here to see our list of dog wormers or cat wormers

Click here to see our list of dog Flea and Tick solutions or cat Flea and Tick solutions