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Gift giving, is it really that simple?

You must have given a gift to someone, at least once in your lifetime right? Why did you give him or her? Is it out of love, affection, generosity, kindness or obligation?

We have our own reasons, but do you know that giving gifts to men and woman may actually be wired in our mind? Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more.

Gift giving - Who is the greater beneficiary?

"It is better to give than to receive."

This is a Biblical statement contested by some. But psychologists, economists and even marketers may have found the evidence supporting this. According to their study, giving gifts are important in human relationships as it helps define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. What's exciting to learn is that it is probably the giver who reaps the biggest rewards "psychologically" speaking.

How does a giver receive more when giving gifts?

During ancient times, giving gifts have been attributed to social status. Those who are affluent in society are expected to give more, thus acquiring the admiration, honor and respect of the clan.

For men, it has been noted that those who customarily give gifts are more successful in engaging to more sexual pleasures.  While women who are known to give food during occasions are seen as an epitome of a good woman. Both givers being looked with envy by other members of society - simply because they can afford to give these pleasures to other members of society.

Are you on my gift list?

It might be too early to ask if you are on the list of someone's gift giving this holiday season? But being on the list of someone shows how special you are to that person.

For a simple exercise to prove this theory, may we encourage you to list down 10 people you would most likely give gifts to this Christmas. Now look at the list you've created? Notice how this people are most important in your life, thus earning a spot on that list. As a person becomes less important to you, the less likely you'll even think of giving that person a gift.

Price of gifts, how much should my gift cost?

Okay, so we are all in agreement that gift giving should stay. But how much should your gift cost?

Do you remember the adage that says, "It's the thought that counts?" Well, being remembered is a gift in itself. Someone remembering you on a special occasion is enough to bring a smile to your place, but giving that special someone extravagant would show her even more how special she is to you.

Nevertheless, costs is not the only reason for a girl to smile upon opening the gift given her. Sometimes, it's the gift itself. Is it something she wanted? Is it something she has always dreamed of having? Thus, it is important to investigate on her likes and dislikes before giving her anything. Otherwise, the gift giving process may end up to a fight rather than a romantic scene. offers you a wide choice of creative gifts at affordable price. Shop Now our Amazing Gifts!