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Transport Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchairs

Only Quality Transport Wheelchairs

At, We know every aspect of mobility needs! We propose to our customers many solutions or products, and best mobility brands in the market: Airgo, Drive, Invacare, AMG. Whatever is your situation or your health problems, certainly has the solution: walkers or rollators, mobility canes or crutches, transport chairs or wheelchairs. In this section, We focus on transport Wheelchairs.

Transport wheelchairs or Regular Wheelchairs?

The major difference between a transport chair, also called Companion chair or wheelchair, and a regular wheelchair, is that this type of wheelchairs is especially designed for people who can not propel themselves. Transport wheelchairs are particularly suitable for seniors citizens or younger adults who are accompanied by a family member or a caregiver.

To allow easier mobility without tiring the caregiver, transport wheelchairs are lightweight and equipped with small wheels at the rear (8" or 12" depending on models), which consequently facilitates the movement of transport chairs, with reduced effort for caregiver.

A transport chair tailord to your needs!

Drive, Invacare, AMG and Airgo are a world reference in terms of mobility devices like transport chairs. Our products are especially designed to provide optimal ergonomics and comfort. offers to customers transport wheelchairs that gather: safety, comfort, maneuverability, strength, light weight, compact. Everything is there!

At, you can choose the transport wheelchair that fits you and fits your budget, like: Airgo Comfort Plus transport chair, Invacare transport wheelchair or Fly Lite transport wheelchair. Please don't hesitate to call our specialists to take advantage of our professional advice or to help you choose your best wheelchair today.

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Airgo Comfort-Plus 17"€ Wide Lightweight Transport Wheelchair ..
CAD$379.99 CAD$329.99
Product Summary:Transport Wheelchair with swing-away removable footrests and flip-back detachabl..
CAD$379.99 CAD$314.99
Airgo Comfort-Plus 19" Wide Transport Wheelchair - Plaid ..
CAD$379.99 CAD$314.99
Product DescriptionThe 22" Bariatric Aluminum Transport Chair with 12" Rear "Flat Free" Wheels can s..
CAD$799.99 CAD$649.99
Product Description:Back folds down for easy storage and transport Carbon steel frame with chip-re..
CAD$289.99 CAD$239.99
Product DescriptionThe 16" Poly-Fly High Strength Lightweight Wheelchair/Flyweight Transport Chair C..
CAD$537.99 CAD$499.99
Product DescriptionUnbeatable Safety, Convenience and Reliability The SV Steel transport Chair is e..
CAD$299.99 CAD$199.99
Product DescriptionThe Deluxe 19" Fly Weight Aluminum Transport Chair with Removable Casters in blue..
CAD$299.99 CAD$239.99
Product DescriptionThe Deluxe 17" Fly Weight Aluminum Transport Chair, with a green frame and at..
CAD$359.99 CAD$279.99
Product Description:Combine the functionality of both a rollator and transport chair in one unit I..
CAD$369.99 CAD$294.99